Slow Music For Fast Times

Lately I’ve found myself spending that last few hours of my Sundays listening to Hearts of Space on WKMS-FM, our local public radio station. If you’ve never heard of HoS, here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry:

1474-1-hearts-of-spaceHearts of Space is a United States weekly syndicated public radio show featuring music of a contemplative nature drawn largely from the ambient, New Age and electronic genres, while also including classical, world, Celtic, experimental, and other music selections. For many years, the show’s producer and presenter, Stephen Hill, has applied the term “space music” to the music broadcast on the show, irrespective of genre. It is the longest-running radio program of its type in the world.

I vaguely remember hearing a few programs of HoS when I was in high school, before I had really discovered my affinity toward electronic music. I don’t remember why I stopped listening to it, but HoS eventually drifted from my awareness and was forgotten.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I was spending a late Sunday evening cleaning out my garage with the radio on and rediscovered it! Now I can’t seem to stop listening to it!

This marks the first radio program I have listened to on a consistent basis.

I think this also marks a subtle shift in my musical tastes. Where I used to favor powerful, driven electronic music when I was working, I’ve lately found myself settling more into slower ambient textures. Through Hearts of Space, I’ve discovered music that has been around for decades, right under my nose. It’s all been really exciting!

I’ll leave you with music from one of the recent programs, entitled “Cloud of Promise”:

Interestingly enough, I also found a totally unrelated but equally awesome song when searching for “forest for the trees”: