Directing Ourselves Away From Directories

Well, after trying out several unsuccessful configurations aimed at managing my bookmarks, I’ve finally embraced that which is It’s the only free solution that provides the mobility I’ve been looking for.

It’s taken me some time to get used to the whole “social” part of social bookmarking, but I think it’s finally grown on me. I’ve even managed to find several useful links on occasions when boredom drove me to browse the links posted by other users. The only major pain was importing and categorizing the 250+ links I had already amassed over the last few years, but on the positive side I did manage to weed out several that were broken and unused.

The ability to assign multiple categories to links is what really makes stand out for me. When I was still using a directory structure to categorize links, there were several times when I couldn’t decide whether a particular link belonged in one category or another. Inevitibly, when I came back to look for it later, I would have to browse at least 3 different folders to find out which one I put it in.

I’ve found that I have this same problem with folders on my machine. I tend to be a file packrat, so there’s quite a bit of stuff in there. There are times with the limitations of the underlying Windows directory structure hinder my ability to organize my files. I haven’t tried the beta yet, but Windows Vista is supposed to provide a whole new level of file organization that circumvents the inherent limitations of directories. I’m not sure if that means you can assign multiple categories to files or not, but certainly any step in that direction would be useful indeed.

At any rate, you can scope out my most current bookmarks by going to