A Collection of Chaos

Well it seems that our household continues to get busier as the family ramps up toward a new baby and I prepare for another semester of classes at Murray State. I used to find all kinds of time to write near the beginning of the summer, but anymore it seems that I’m barely able to manage an update a month.

I suppose I’ll start my recap with our most exciting news: Kristopher is now potty trained! I find myself unable to form the words to express how proud of him we are right now. It’s certainly a notable milestone for us all. Tabitha and I are also very excitied that we won’t have to touch another stinky diaper until late September, when we get to start the entire process anew.

/sigh. Such is life. :)

I’m also happy to report that Tabitha’s pregnancy is progressing steadily with no known complications, for which we are very thankful. I have great difficulty trying to fathom the discomfort of carrying a child in the womb, much less the discomfort when the final trimester falls in the hot, humid summer months characteristic of Western Kentucky. She’s kept a positive attitude in light of it all and remains a shining example of how deep down, women truly are stronger than men in many respects.

So what have I been doing as she sits there and suffers? Goofing off as much as I can get away with, of course! I’ve been spending these last few weeks of free time trying to extract every possible trace of fun I can before I end up locking myself back down into academic mode.

I’m already quite anxious to get back into class. I’ve enjoyed my abundance of free time, but time away from school certainly doesn’t put a degree in my hands any quicker.

I’ll be trying out a new work/school balance this semester, with the recent change in my work schedule being the main difference. Last semester, my work hours were concentrated entirely on Saturdays and Sundays. I now work three eight-hour days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.

Spreading my hours over three days instead of two should help me better cope with work, but it will also force me to manage my time more effectively. I already miss having those five days off work in a row, but I certainly enjoy having my weekends back as compensation.

I seem to remember mentioning Kristopher’s terrible itchy, puffy, red skin rash in my last post, which we had all hoped was just an isolated outbreak. Regrettably, it has come back with a vengeance, despite treatments of Benadryl and prescription steroids from the doctor. Try as we may, we have yet to determine the cause of it. We still don’t know if it is a contact-based allergic reaction, an allergic reaction to some type of food or additive, or something else entirely.

All I know is that it has been causing us all a disparaging amount of grief. We humbly ask for your prayers as we try to deal with this on top of everything else going on. It’s making Kristopher very miserable and just getting him to take his medicine has been an uphill battle. We’d give anything just to somehow relieve him of it, as it pains us to see him suffer.

As always, I hope those of you who visit this site are doing well. I know I don’t stay in contact with most of you as well as I feel I should, and for that I apologize. I suppose I continue to write these news posts in an attempt to reach you all at once, because I’m lazy like that. :)

2 thoughts on “A Collection of Chaos

  1. Gayle Shrewsbury

    Know you will be glad when your new little one arrives (even if she comes with need for those stinky diapers.) Sounds like you are busy, but happy. School starts for the students at my school on Wednesday, John-David starts the next Monday. I am opening a new school so it has been hectic. It is really not quite ready to move in – the teachers got in last Thursday, so it is interesting to say the least – and busy. Take care of yourselves. Love to you all – Gayle and the the guys.

  2. Kody

    Hello, and thanks for writing! It’s always wonderful to hear from you all!

    August is certainly starting to seem like the season for being busy! Everyone I talk to is struggling to hold on to every inkling of sanity they can amidst the craziness of their lives.

    I suppose, though, that I can take a small measure of comfort knowing I’m not the only one running around like a raving lunatic. :)

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