Happenings from the Fourth

[Editor’s note: For purposes of contextual coherence, it may be useful to know that this post originally appeared on the discontinued Myers Family Journal before being folded into this blog. -KM]

Well I know it’s kinda late, but I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day celebration. My 4th of July weekend was especially nice because it’s the first one in quite some time that I didn’t spend working in a restaurant. Every year, during the first weeks of July, Briggs & Stratton shuts down to allot time for major maintenance and repairs. As a wonderful consequence, all the employees get to enjoy a nice summer vacation. I have to admit, that place really knows how to take care of their people.

Of course, there always has to be a setback. Our septic system suffered a major backup last week due to roots growing in one of the pipes. For a time we were unable to flush the toilets more than a few times a day. This made things quite uncomfortable for me and Kristopher, and absolutely unbearable for Tabitha. Fortunately, we were able to get the system fixed and life is finally getting back to normal. There are still ditches in our backyard where we need to lay some pipe, but at least everything inside the house works properly again, which is a huge relief. At least I learned a little bit about how toilets and septic systems work.07-02-05 The finished trench (1)

Anyway, now that Tabitha has a blog to show off her creations, she seems more determined than ever to churn them out as quickly as possible. It seems she can’t work on a project for more than a couple of days without yearning for a new one. She’s made some beautiful things and her skills continue to improve with each endeavor.

As for me, I’ve been spending a few hours outside this summer, which I’m quite proud of. There were summers in the past when I rarely saw the light of day. My pale complexion became a testament to my nocturnal lifestyle. Though I went fishing a couple of times, most of my time outside has been spent mowing lawns and working on various home improvement projects. I’ve managed to get a decent tan, but sadly, I haven’t been able to reduce my weight to more optimal levels. :-( Oh well.

I suppose I should mention that Kristopher suffered a terrible allergic reaction on the night of June 27th. We still haven’t determined the cause, but it scared us so much that we ended running him straight to the emergency room. His chest, back, and neckline were covered with itchy red blotches, he felt hot to the touch, and his breath came in wheezes. Some Benadryl cleared it up, and it has yet to return, so we’re thinking that it was just a strange reaction to something he’ll hopefully never come in contact with again.

Anyway, he’s fine and continues to get more excited about the arrival of his new baby sister, whom we still have yet to choose a name for. That would be mostly my fault, since Tabitha primarily chose Kristopher’s name, it has been left to me to choose a name for this one (pending approval, of course). I was thinking of continuing with the K name theme, but after examining all the girl names that begin with K, I’m not so sure I want to take that route. Choosing names has always been a difficult process for me. I have a hard enough time naming my computers and role-playing characters, much less an actual child who has to live with the resulting consequences.

And I thought my summer away from classes was going to be nice and relaxed…