Losing the Name Game

name-tagIt’s hard to believe that I’m such a geek that I’m actually agonizing over the names of my computers. I don’t know why, but it seems like naming a computer is almost as important to me as naming a child. I just can’t seem to settle on a theme. Here’s what I’ve considered so far:

  • Japanese names
  • Character and mythology names from Final Fantasy
  • Famous wizards
  • Famous dragons
  • Famous mathematicians
  • Famous computer scientists
  • Constellations, moons, and other such galactic entities
  • Non-themed (as in, whatever pops in my head)

This really shouldn’t be driving me as crazy as it is. Something must be wrong with me. I’ve even gone as far as searching for articles on naming themes that others have chosen or considered, but nothing I’ve seen seems to stick out.


3 thoughts on “Losing the Name Game

  1. Brandon

    I suffer the same affliction. Usually, my computers end up being named Japanese names, although a few have not because of distinguishing characteristics of the computer itself (the case of one computer inspired the name “Butterfly”, and it stuck). Others are Naoki, Chii (during my Chobits addiction), Narusegawa (my router, during my Love Hina obsession), Kimoko, and my current computer is named Sakura.

  2. Kody

    I get all the others, so I’m assuming that Kimoko would be a Megatokyo reference?

    For all its flaws, I still find MT thoroughly engrossing. I swear I can’t explain it, but I am simply unable to remove it from my list of essential RSS feeds – believe me, I’ve tried. Even after weeks of not reading it, I still inexplicably end up checking in to find out what I missed.

  3. Kody

    Well I’ve finally decided on naming my systems after fictional worlds. Thus, my primary workstation is now named “Norrath.” My gaming computer is named “Arrakis.” Our laptop is named “Kamino.” Finally, the intranet server is named “Cybertron.” I tried to pick a theme that wouldn’t be exhausted after only ten names. Thankfully, with this one, I’ve got a whole list of others ready to deploy as I acquire more machines.

    I’d never thought about naming the router until I saw Brandon’s post above. Thought mine isn’t a computer, per se, and it doesn’t show up on the network, it does seem kinda boring for it to just be “WRT54G.” I dunno…

    At least now I can stop fretting over it. Though there’s an understood, informal “rule” out there that say that you should not change the name of a system once you’ve named it, my systems have been through at least 3 name changes. I think that rule exists partly because changing names can break network dependencies, but at any rate, I don’t think I’ll be changing them again.

    Maybe for once, these names will stick.

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