Katamari Lottafunna

[Editor’s note: For purposes of contextual coherence, it may be useful to know that this post originally appeared on the discontinued Myers Family Journal before being folded into this blog. -KM]

I mentioned on here before that I would probably be buying Katamari Damacy, and wouldn’t ya know, only about a week later, it was in my hands. I think it was that $20 price tag that made it so attractive, with the average Playstation 2 game going for about $50 anymore. I had already been looking for a good non-violent, easy-to-control game that I could teach Kristopher to play. I could have went with some type of edutainment game or something based off a children’s cartoon show, but bear in mind that in order for me to teach Kristopher to play, I needed to be able to stand the game for more than five minutes.katamari-damacy1

So far we’ve had a lot of fun with it. Who would have thought that a game whose core mechanic is to simply roll a ball around could be so addictive? Kristopher is still trying to develop the hand-eye coordination needed to control a video game, knowing how quickly he picks up on things, I know it won’t take much longer. Man I just can’t wait until ten years or so from now when he’s kicking my butt at StarCraft 5 or Unreal 2015 or whatever is out by then. Katamari Damacy is already such a hit that it looks like plans for a sequel are already in the works.

As of this writing, Spring 2005 classes are officially over, though I still have finals week to suffer through before summer can finally begin. It’s been an awesome semester and it feels great to finally be back on track to finishing my degree. This was definitely the morale boost that I needed.

8 thoughts on “Katamari Lottafunna

  1. Austin

    Hey, looks like a creative game. Josh said yall had a lan party a little while back, i vote for another one :P, i wanted to go but josh said it had already happened, arg!

  2. Kody

    Well actually it was just me and Barry getting together, but I’m planning on throwing a full blown LAN party sometime soon!

  3. Austin

    If you do, You have got to call or msn me or something, cause something ike that would be fun, any suggestions on what we would be playing? i pretty much like anything yall would like. Hope ya do get one going

  4. Kody

    We’ve been sticking to things that all our machines can actually run. Stuff like Unreal Tournament (original), SC: Broodwar, WC III: Frozen Throne, Diablo II: LoD, Neverwinter Nights, Serious Sam 2, and Rainbow 6 (various expansions). I’ve got a ton more games we haven’t even tried yet. I guess what I’m saying as we pretty much play whatever we have the notion for at the time.

    We’ve even been known to play emulator games. hehe

  5. Austin Mathis

    Awesome!, Cant wait!, thatll be awesome, i play most of those games just randomly when i think about em. Hope this gets rolling

  6. Austin

    Cool, that would make a fancy Starcraft broodwar game. or warcraft 3, maybe some custom maps like, battleships or something, ( if youve neve rplayed that, man its fun )

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