Finding A Hero for All of Us

I somehow managed to free up an evening tonight to see Jet Li’s Hero (released in China in 2002 as Ying xiong). Let me just say: Wow. I haven’t gotten around to seeing any of his previous movies, but if Hero is a testament to their quality, I’m seriously considering checking them out. I was absolutely amazed at how well the film blended intricate fight choreography with an emotional storyline. It’s not to often that you find an action movie with a plot of any substantial depth.Ying xiong Wallpaper 6

The only thing that might turn some people off are the subtitles. There are some people who find it hard to enjoy movies with subtitles. They find the dialogue difficult to follow because of the tension created between reading the subtitles and watching the visuals. I don’t seem to have too much of a problem with it, probably since I’ve watched so much subtitled Japanese anime. Still, there are those who would rather have English dialogue dubbed over the film.

The debate over “Dubbed vs. Subbed” is a sensitive one, as any discerning aficianado of foreign film is well aware. I actually prefer subtitles since, being the purist that I usually am, I feel that the language used in a film is part of its essence. It just seems to me that English-speaking voice actors sitting in a recording studio just can’t come close emulating the emotions that screen actors (good ones, at least) actually feel. It’s as if something is taken away, like a color from a painting.

This is why I can admire talented voice actors more than screen actors. I would imagine that it’s much easier to get into character when you’re standing on a set and in costume than when sitting in a sound-proof booth.

Overall I can say that Hero is well-deserved of all the good reviews it has gotten. Highly recommended.

And of course I can’t finish this post without a reminder to you all that Sunday is Talk Like a Pirate Day! ARRRRR!!!! Leave it to Brandon to get me started on something like this… :D