Fun With Aggregators

I’m really starting to like what XML has done to the internet. I’ve been playing around with aggregators for the last month or so and I have to say I am really impressed with the convenience they offer. Instead of spending a great deal of time and effort pointing my browser to different websites to see if they’ve updated, all I have to do now is point my aggregator to their XML feeds and the updates come to me! It’s basically like having the articles e-mailed to me in a concise manner where I can then scan them and quickly decide whether I wish to read further.

My current aggregator of choice is SharpReader RSS Aggregator, which is built on the .NET Framework. It’s intuitive, unobtrusive, and most importantly, FREE!

It’s such a neat thing I even have’s XML feed in there – as if I actually need it to tell me when I update my own website. How pathetic is that?