Buy Ladybugs at!

9,000 ladybugs for just $19.99! [See June 19th Edit] What a deal! Check out the comments. Absolute hilarity.quit-calling-him-ladybug-guys

UPDATE (June 13th, 2004): The aforementioned funny comments don’t seem to last much longer than 24 hours. It appears that the watchdogs at Amazon don’t appreciate the ramblings of every random smart-ass that happens upon their site.
UPDATE (June 19th, 2010): Apparently 9,000 was just too many. They dialed it back to only 1,500.

1 thought on “Buy Ladybugs at!

  1. Brandon

    Wow! I could make a fortune! Our building (my office in particular) is usually completely infested with these horrid little insects. Yes, I said horrid, they’re only “cute” when you don’t have hundreds of them flitting about your office and getting squashed by the dozens when you walk around. Next time I see them, I oughtta hit up eBay or something….:)

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