Driving and Taking the Subway

With all this beautiful summer weather over the past few weeks, we’ve been putting many miles on our new car. I drove it to Paducah and back four times a couple weekends ago to help out in the Captain D’s there. Tabitha and Kristopher also took a Mother’s Day trip to Marion, Illinois, where Kristopher got to ride a horse for his second time. We also drove to East St. Louis on Saturday to attend a birthday party at the Cornwell home. Kristopher had a great time playing with his friend Sarah, who just turned two years old, and several other kids near his age.

1107w-subway-sandwich-mTabitha and I were also able to get a day off together to take the family to Hematite Lake a couple weeks ago. For those of you unfamiliar with it, Hematite Lake is located in the Land Between the Lakes area about an hour drive from here in Murray. It has a well-maintained two-mile hiking/biking trail that leads around its perimeter, so it’s long enough to be fun and eventful, but short enough to do in a day without killing yourself. There’s a picnic area there as well so you can bring your lunch with you or cook it while you’re there. We usually bring Subway sandwiches with us. ;)

Kristopher has been sleeping in a “big boy” bed since Grandpa Turner sent it down last week. We disassembled his crib over the weekend and bought a bed rail for him so that he doesn’t roll off the bed onto the floor. He’s been pretty good about staying in bed after we tuck him in, but sometimes he sneaks out and starts playing with toys. The next morning we always find him sleeping in the bed, so we figure a little extra late-night playtime won’t hurt him.