March Madness

[Editor’s note: For purposes of contextual coherence, it may be useful to know that this post originally appeared on the self-coded, PHP-based version of the homepage before being folded into this blog. -KM]

Yay! We’ve finally managed to get ourselves some reliable transportation! As of Monday afternoon, we now have a beautiful blue 2002 Ford Taurus! It’s an indescribably wonderful feeling to know that we can now travel out of town without having to rent something or worry about breaking down along the way. I’ll try to get a pic of it in here as soon as I can get my news photo code working.

Unfortunately, as a consequence, our house hunt has come to an abrubt halt. We’ve decided that it just currently isn’t feasible to stack a house payment on top of all our other bills. Our duplex is fine enough for us right now and hopefully we’ll be able to wait it out until I too earn my expensive little piece of paper from MSU.

Oh, and I passed that blasted kidney stone! I saved it, so supposedly I can send it off somewhere to have it examined so that they can tell me what caused it, but I haven’t yet managed to get it to them. I already have my suspicions that it is composed of at least 75% Mountain Dew. It actually passed some three weeks ago, so I apologize for the late announcement.