All a Man Can Do is Smile Back

[Editor’s note: For purposes of contextual coherence, it may be useful to know that this post originally appeared on the self-coded, PHP-based version of the homepage before being folded into this blog. -KM]

Regrettably, it looks like I will not be taking classes this semester at Murray State. I was finally granted admission around noon Thursday – long after the classes I needed had closed. As opposed to spending my Friday scrambling around campus, begging professors for spots in classes that were already full beyond capacity, I have decided to take yet another semester off. I’ll once again be working full time in hopes that our combined income will be substantial enough for us to save up for a move to an actual house by summer and maybe get a new vehicle by fall. On the brighter side, with my admission processed, I won’t be pressed for time to schedule my fall classes.

Tabitha took her big test in Frankfort around 10:00am EST this morning. She was quite nervous the night before, regardless of how much I attempted to assure her that as brilliant as she is, there was nothing to worry about. I am still not certain that she got any sleep, but I do have full confidence that she passed with flying colors.

I’ve known about the Darwin Awards for quite awhile, but for some reason, I never thought to post a link to the website. To quote, “The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who accidentally kill themselves in really stupid ways.” You can’t help but chuckle at some of these and wonder, “What were they thinking?” If anything, these tales should serve as warnings to others and could even possibly save lives by helping others avoid the same mistakes.4d58a41114c7ba367e66fa90bb3e3fdd