December Already?

Well, it is certainly turning into a busy week!

Tabitha put the Christmas tree up on Sunday, and I must say it looks as beautiful as ever! In addition, she got a call Monday evening from Westside Veterinary Clinic (where she did her internship) and was offered a job! We’re really excited that she won’t have a long commute to work, as we feared she would be forced to take a job out of town.

Our Christmas cards should be going out shortly, since we just got our photographs back from processing. We took a picture of Kristopher in front of the Christmas tree and took it to the digital printing station at Wal-Mart. I must say the quality of these prints is exceptional! At 24 cents a print, they were certainly worth the price. The only drawback is that we had to stand in line for about 30 minutes to use the processing station. I imagine that the lines will continue to get longer and longer as more people purchase digital cameras, so we may look into getting digital photo printer sometime.

We attended the annual Captain D’s Christmas party for the Kentucky division last night at Patti’s Restaurant in Grand Rivers, KY. If you have never been there around the holiday season, I strongly suggest you go check it out. We attempted to take a few photographs of the decorations, but most of them did not come out so well – must have been an incorrect camera setting somewhere.12-03-03 - Tabitha and Kody at Patti's

I think I forgot to mention that our dryer has been down since Saturday, but today, after a couple days of telephone tag with the repair company, someone finally made it out and replaced a belt. We are very grateful that our landlord has been so great at taking care of problems quickly.