2003 Thanksgiving Recap

We had a wonderfully quiet Thanksgiving this year. Our meal included roasted turkey, roasted ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and then cupcakes (yes, cupcakes) for dessert. We have much to be thankful for this year – too much to even begin to list.[03] 11-27-03 - The Thanksgiving Feast

Ready to gobble

Ready to gobble

For those of you who knew we had plans to move to Louisville after Tabitha’s graduation, we have searched our hearts and decided that it just really wouldn’t be in our best interests. Looks like we’re still stuck here for a while longer, though it’s not so bad.

Speaking of Tabitha’s graduation, her December 13th Murray State commencement date is approaching fast. She’s excited to finally get her degree, but she’s also sad that she’s not going to be in school anymore. There’s already been talk of a master’s degree. We’ll see what the future holds…

Kristopher is already gearing up for the holidays – as I type this he is attempting to unwrap gifts on the bed, with no regard for the fact that none of them are his. He’s learning and growing quickly and is well on his way to becoming a “terrible two.” Unbridled curiosity, boundless energy, and exceptional mobility are certainly a tough combination for parents to keep up with.11-28-03 - Kristopher (3)

Words cannot convey how excited I am to be going back to school. I’ve already applied for readmission to Murray State (yes, I’ve been gone that long), and after I speak with my advisor I should be scheduling classes for the spring 2004 semester.

We hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! More news to come soon!