Do Not Call dot Gov: A Consumer Milestone

donotcallregistry-logoFirst of all, if you haven’t heard about, then go there immediately. It seems that the American Government has finally decided to do something about one of the lowest and most annoying forms of business: telemarketing. This website will allow you to place your telephone number in a list of numbers telemarketers are not allowed to call. There are some minor exceptions, but if this list actually gets enforced as promised, it could very well be A Good Thing, at least for those who have telephone service.

In more personal news, I’ve been accepted into the University of Louisville, and as far as I can tell, all of the credits that I earned at Murray State University will transfer smoothly to U of L. At least I won’t have to start from the very bottom all over again. What’s even better is that unlike MSU’s computer science program, which is part of the business department, U of L has an actual computer science and computer engineering department in the Speed Scientific School, separated from the rest of the main campus.Uofl

Tabitha is still plugging along in her internship, and she loves it. She is learning lots of new stuff and having fun working there, even if she doesn’t get paid. Kristopher is still growing quickly, and doing great. In even more exciting news, we’re now the proud owners of an actual kitchen table! No more eating at the card table in our rolling computer chairs! Best of all it was free, and we have our new friends Bill, Susie, and Boaz to thank. :)

We’ve also been cleaning the house. A lot. I’m talking like ripping apart the closets hey let’s buy a file cabinet to organize all these papers geez I can’t move for all the crap in the floor I’m going to pull my hair out if I have to sort out one more pile of junk type cleaning. Yeah, it’s miserable and tedious, but in the end I’m sure we’ll actually be able to FIND something next time someone pipes up, “Hey, what ever happened to that thing we had…?”