Back To School

[Editor’s note: For purposes of contextual coherence, it may be useful to know that this post originally appeared on the manually-edited homepage of before being folded into this blog. -KM]

Well the holiday season seems to have left as quickly as it came, and here we are 14 days into the new year without an update to the website. I’ve been so caught up in the insanity of work lately that I’ve once more lost track of time. I wish I was kidding, but I can’t count the times in the last two weeks that I’ve mistaken one day for another. :(

Anyway, since the new year began, I’ve been concentrating heavily on getting my programming skills back up to speed, which means many hours of studying and coding practice problems. This occupies a great amount of my free time, which is why website updates have been few and far between.

Tabitha started her spring semester of classes yesterday, and it looks like this year is going to be a rough one for her. She’s also been trying to organize a birthday party for me and Kristopher for the 18th, so hopefully when that is out of the way she’ll be able pour her energy into doing well in her classes.

Kristopher is still growing, but still hasn’t quite figured out the walking thing yet. Tabitha and I are ever-patient, however, since we have a hard enough time catching him as a crawler. He now has a total of six teeth, and will munch on just about anything you put in front of his face.